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Difference between Private Lessons and Class lessons.

    Private lessons  :  one-on-one sessions between a student and a teacher,

                                 offer personalized attention and a customized curriculum.

                                 Are Allowed to do make ups if they can't make the class.

                                 Learn at your own pace.

                                 Learn what you want when you want.


 Class lessons    :      class lessons involve a group of students learning together                                       with one teacher.

                                while class lessons provide a social learning environment and                                  the opportunity to interact with peers.

                                Does not allow make ups

                                Learn at the classes pace,

                                everyone learns together.

Everyone learns:    how to hold the ukulele 

                               learn the strings names 

                               how to strum

                               how to finger pick

                               Learn about music theory 

                               Learn about chords and how we get them

                               Learn how to read music

                               Where the notes are on the ukulele

                                Learn Scales and how we get them

                                Learn Songs both oldies to modern

                                and so much more!

we teach everyone from 5 on up, So what are you waiting for? Come and explore

the ukulele world and join us on this new adventure!


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